Strategic design solutions for passionate brands and business owners.

Responsive, custom websites designed in Figma and developed in Webflow.

Automated workflows help create real business solutions. We'll discuss your business operations with you to discover the processes and workflows that serve as a tool for your business.

Organize Files
& Forms Instantly
Send a confirmation email
Save file to folder
Set an appointment time
File form submissions
Automatically Sync your Calendar
Unlimited Workflows
$42 USD/month

Static Website

Custom Responsive Website
Design and Development

Includes three static pages

Intuitive Contact Information

Quick Links Page

Search Engine Optimization

starting at
$2800 USD

Dynamic Website

Custom Responsive Website
Design and Development

Includes four static pages
one dynamic collection

Intuitive Contact Information

Quick Links Page

Search Engine Optimization

starting at
$4000 USD

We offer custom packages based on the needs of your business with solutions that communicate quality at every touchpoint.

Our approach to branding is to bring your vision to life. Our timeless aesthetic resonates with audiences, generating trust that leads to success.

The Minimalist

This package is designed to provide a custom package of the brand essentials to get you started off strong.

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Color Palette
Business Card
HTML Email Signature
starting at
$2800 USD

The Artist

Providing you with a next-level brand presence and foundational design applications.

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Color Palette
1 Illustrated Icon
1 Socials Sets
Font Pairings
Brand Guide PDF
Business Card
HTML Email Signature

So - your brand is great, and so is your website; you need something else.

Social media ads, print collateral, signage, packaging, motion design, or something else.


We'll spend time learning everything about your business goals and discussing what your website can do to support them. Do you need to get found more easily online? Is the booking process not straight forward? Let's uncover the problems we'll first focus on solving.

We'll Get Clear On:
  • Scope of the Project
  • Website Functionality
  • Delivery Specifications

After our Discovery call, we'll send you a proposal and contract before moving on to the next phase.


Strategy is understanding the core one or two challenges and then focusing efforts to solve them. We'll focus on aligning the team and getting clear on (A) Where we are and (B) Where we want to go and how we're going to get there.

Define Performance Indicators
  • How We Measure Success
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Direction
  • Functionality


We'll start by defining our goals and the problems we're solving for the customer.

Asking the Right Questions:
  1. Who are we building for?
  2. What does the competition look like?
  3. What are the best practices to achieve our goal?

"Creative thinking empowers ideas. Ideas empower change."

Information Architecture

Let's brainstorm and discuss the content for your website. Once we select them, we'll start to sort and group the information into pages, creating the sitemap which will establish information hierarchy.

Content Types
  • Products / Services
  • Company (team, jobs, vision)
  • What We Do / How We Do It
  • Booking Platform
  • Benefits
  • Resources
  • Updates
  • Testimonials
  • Signup for Newsletters
  • Contact


The wire-framing process results in a mockup or prototype of your site. But first, we start with a pen and our sketchbook. We'll map out the content and images onto the page, creating dynamic layout options. Once we get an idea of the flow, we'll bring it into Figma to further iterate.

  • UX Style
  • Typography
  • Visual Elements & Color
  • Illustration Style
  • Animation

All of these components should work together to tell a cohesive brand story.


We'll take the prototype we created from the wireframe process with the added visuals and develop your website in Webflow. The time this takes depends on a variety of factors, like CMS content, animations, file-prepping and custom code components.


After we've input basic SEO, gone through a beta testing, and squared away details like your custom favicon and open graph images, we'll take it live!

Account Hosting
  1. Create your own Webflow account and we'll transfer the site to you after the final invoice has been paid.
  2. Request to have our team at Taro manage your site for you. Having Taro host your site for you comes with Editor Access to your site, so that you can access and edit dynamic content, leaving the design and site management to us.