Zapier for Workflows

October 15, 2021

The slogan is true - Zapier makes you happier.

Zapier is the automation platform we use to  link different apps and services to each other to create a workflow and save you time.

An action is taken and it triggers an event.

Like this:

  1. Someone submits the form on your website.
  2. Sends a Slack message to notify you and/or your colleagues, drops into a Google sheet, emails a confirmation.


  1. A potential client books a time with you on Calendly.
  2. Your company automatically sends them an email or text with a confirmation reminder, a link that opens to maps, and FAQ's already answered.


  1. A first time client fills out an intake or inquiry form.
  2. A document, or excel column is automatically populated with the information for your reference or prompt action.

The options are endless. This helps you stay in front of potential questions, comments, and concerns, and keep you on top of your business.

Let's explore the functionalities of your website and the ways we can streamline your business.